Flash! Request for Reader Comments!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a request for more information from some of you readers out there, especially people from the Poway Historical and Memorial Society or anyone familiar with the history of Poway. The photo below, of the Horace Kent ranch, circa 1900, originally appeared in my blog post of January 12 of this year, “Going Over the Grade.” It’s brought a lot of interesting comments which I’m happy about. I’ve replied to all the previous ones but the latest, received this morning, asks about the possible owner of another house in the photo and just where the photo was taken from. I don’t have that info but if anyone out there might have the answers you can go to the original post and reply to the questioner. The original post was on January 12, 2015. Use the archive index on the home page, click on the month, and scroll down to the post and the “Comments” section. Thanks to all for the discussion!

#165 kent ranch,midland rd 1900


5 thoughts on “Flash! Request for Reader Comments!

  1. Hi Vince,
    We can’t contribute with any info on the picture, but just to let you know we have enjoyed reading the postings. Thanks for the dedication to give your readers such wonderful glimpses into the past.

    Love from your friends,
    Dick and Teresa

      • Thanks for posting this on my behalf!

        if you could tell me where the Horace Kent Ranch was, I could do some research myself?

        I assume it was where twin peaks road is now, bordered by midland rd and what is now Ted Williams parkway…I say that because of the location of the 14552 Midland house belonging to Kent, and because that area was developed relatively recently.

        But I’m using modern streets to establish borders so I could be way off. Any idea where the Horace Kent Ranch was? From there I’d imagine it’s just a matter of finding the mountain. (Is that not twin peaks in the picture?)

      • I think it was the Mary van Dam book that said Kent’s ranch was along “what is today Twin Peaks Road.” Somebody from the Poway Museum should be able to give you more info. I’d contact them.

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