Announcing My Newest Book

Announcing the publication of my newest book: From Measures to Missiles.

From 1951 to 1971, a United States Government laboratory was in operation at Corona, California, first under the National Bureau of Standards at the Department of Commerce, then as part of the United States Navy’s Bureau of Ordnance. During that period some of the most brilliant scientists and engineers in the nation engaged in groundbreaking work in service to the national defense. That work included the creation of the first guided missiles in the U. S. arsenal.

This book is the story of that lab. It was written based on the recollections of one of those lab scientists, Everett B. Ireland, who asked me to write it. He shared his personal memories of his years at the lab and also guided me to books and other sources from a number of government archives. What emerged from this research was the story of a group of men and women who literally re-invented not only military technology, but also laid the foundation for the digital revolution that continues to transform America and the world today.

It’s a complicated history reflecting the intersection of science, national security and politics. And by politics I mean not only governmental politics but also inter-service, inter-departmental and interpersonal politics as well, told by the people who were on the ground, making in happen.

From Measures to Missiles is now available for purchase on the “Books” tab.