Welcome to San Diego History Seeker, also known as Vincent Nicholas Rossi. I’m a freelance writer with a special interest in history. I’ve written hundreds of articles for print and online media, many on historical subjects, and written five books, four of them on San Diego County history: From Field to Town, Valleys of Dreams, The Lost Town of Bernardo, and Once Upon A Town: Bernardo, Merton and Stowe.

In 2006 my wife Peggy and I founded StorySeekers. Peggy is a professional genealogist and StorySeekers is a research and publishing company for family history, memoir and historical books. You can find out more about that at: https://storyseekersgenealogy.com

Through this blog I plan to share more of my historical research and writing with the community. I hope it can stimulate interest and discussion about events, the highs and the lows, that have shaped this region we live in.

Someone once said that every generation stands on the shoulders of the one that came before. It’s also been said that people ignorant of their history are like amnesiacs, not able to remember who they are, where they came from or where they are going. Those two thoughts are guideposts and motivation for my work.


I enjoy doing research and sharing the results, and this has led me into giving talks as well as writing. Each talk includes a PowerPoint slide show.

Following is a list of some subjects on which I’ve spoken. Keep in mind that my research is always generating new topics, and I can also tailor a topic to a particular audience if requested.

What’s In A Name? A Lot of History: Origins of San Diego County Place Names

When the Livestock Outnumbered the Humans: Our County’s Agricultural History

Rancho Bernardo: From Indian Village to Big City Neighborhood

Homefront San Diego in World War Two

The Lost Town of Bernardo

North County: A Look Back

A History of Immigration

Political Parties in the United States

Picturesque San Diego: Images and Stories From the Past

To arrange a talk, call me at 858-245-8258 or email me at vincentnrossi86@gmail.com .


7 thoughts on “About

  1. This is great Vince and I look forward to learning more about San Diego through your future blogs. Best of luck!


  2. I enjoy your historical articles. I sent a text to Barbara Anderson age 90 who moved to Folsom to live near her daughter. She and her husband Bill owned an old apartment building downtown , which she just sold last year. They had a cattle ranch near El Centro before moving to La Mesa and belinging to the San Diego Yacht Club.
    They both graduated from USC. She was president of the El Cajon Art Society when I met her in about 1980. I hope she decides to write “If Buildings Could Talk”. I am also sending a message to Peggy. Pat Peckham

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