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Valleys of Dreams

In Valleys of Dreams, Vincent Nicholas Rossi continues his exploration of San Diego County history. He offers stories of people, places and events that shaped and reshaped North County from a farming region where livestock outnumbered people to a burgeoning urbanized landscape of homes and shopping centers.

Soft cover, 162 pages, fully illustrated. (ISBN 978-0-9822671-3-4)

$21.55 (tax included) plus $3.00 shipping
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Or:  Send check or money order to StorySeekers, PO Box 27343, San Diego, CA 92198-1343.

From Field to Town: Chronicles of North County History (on backorder)

In this book, Vincent Nicholas Rossi chronicles historical events in 14 different north inland San Diego county communities. Learn the stories of people who came from all walks of life and all kinds of circumstances: immigrant families of modest means who became successful farmers, established businessmen who made new fortunes; a cowboy, a major league baseball star, a visionary artist who built a medieval castle in Moosa Canyon. Read about lost landmarks like hotels, a grist mill, a giant tepee, surviving ones like schoolhouses and churches. Relive events that shaped North County history, including the coming of the telephone and Colorado River water, and the expulsion of the Cupeños from Warner Springs.

Soft cover, 102 pages, fully illustrated. (ISBN 978-0-9822671-0-3)

$12.91 (tax included) plus $3.00 shipping. (This book is currently on backorder)

The Lost Town of Bernardo

These places once bustled with life. Each town boasted its own general store, blacksmith shop, and school. Many were stagecoach and railroad stops. Each was a market town for farmers and ranchers in far-flung valleys where livestock often outnumbered actual residents. These were the “lost ancestors” of today’s San Diego County cities and neighborhoods. Their residents built the foundation on which our modern communities could grow. This book is the first in a series about “lost towns in San Diego County.”

Soft cover, 35 pages, fully illustrated. (ISBN 978-0-9822671-4-1)

$10.80 (tax included) plus $2.00 shipping.
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Or:  Send check or money order to StorySeekers, PO Box 27343, San Diego, CA 92198-1343.


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